At this time we do not have a therapist on staff to provide Hippotherapy.  We hope to be able to offer this program again in 2018.

Hippotherapy is a unique form of medical therapy for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities and is performed on horseback under the coordinated supervision of a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist and a PATH Certified Riding Instructor. Hippotherapy is used typically for early intervention or for very physically dependent riders and provides the rider with benefits similar to those of office therapy but in the fun, creative, safe, and effective atmosphere of a riding arena.

The physical movement of the horse’s gait simulates the natural rhythmic gait of an able-bodied person and when astride the horse, a rider with a disability is receiving the same physical stimulus that able-bodied persons receive from walking. The activity of riding will stimulate and strengthen the rider’s body. The rhythmic movement and warmth of the horse aids the therapist in achieving medical treatment goals including improvements in core strength, range of motion, balance, muscle tone and communication.  Opportunities for improvement in the rider’s emotional well-being and social skills are provided through the relationship that develops between horse and rider. Once treatment goals are met a rider may transition to Therapeutic Riding.

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